In our opinion

The sound that is heard in live conditions is vivid, colorful, and easy to identify as being natural. It is our intention that similar emotions may accompany those who prefer to listen to music using speaker sets made by our Company. In our opinion, by using our tubular speaker sets it is much easier to obtain more natural representation of dynamic contrasts, speed, and scale which is slightly tempered in case of classical speakers. In most cases, tubular speaker sets are higher than average in size, whereas our compact designs are excellent for use in mid-size rooms as well.


Ferria is a classical two-way passive speaker design. Ferria has been designed for use in rooms up to approx. 30 m2 in area. The speaker makes use of an 8 inch bass-midrange speaker with a coated paper cone. Thanks to its heavy-duty magnetic system, the bass-midrange speaker offers high efficiency and excellent impulse response. As a result, we obtain an equalized band and a deep powerful bass tone.



The Vivo speaker is a two-way passive design. One of this speaker system’s design assumptions was its compact size so that it could be used in rooms up to about 50 m2in area. In order to obtain a full bandwidth without supporting the speaker system by means of a subwoofer, we decided to use a 10-inch bass-midrange speaker.



The W10.8 transducer is an underhung type 10-inch bass-midrange loudspeaker, in which the entire coil is moving inside a magnetic field. The speaker will perform very well in relatively small rooms. Parameters of the W10.8 transducer have been optimized for enclosures that are approx. 50 – 70 liters in volume, which is the optimum volume for the best performance of the speaker. Our loudspeaker concept has been designed and executed from scratch according to our uncompromising assumptions. It comprises: an ultra linear lower suspension system, a coil, the ferrite-neodymium magnetic system, a coated cellulose diaphragm, a reinforced aluminum basket, and a rubber upper suspension made by renowned German manufacturer. The entire arrangement is completed by a perforated dust-proof cover.