The Vivo speaker is a two-way passive design. One of this speaker system’s design assumptions was its compact size so that it could be used in rooms up to about 50 min area. In order to obtain a full bandwidth without supporting the speaker system by means of a subwoofer, we decided to use a 10-inch bass-midrange speaker. Since among high-efficiencytransducers we could not find an interesting speaker that would support the low frequency range, and since among classical established brands of transducers 10-inch speakers performed not so well in the midrange, we decided to design our own speaker that would meet our expectations. Our bass-midrange speaker has an excellent impulse response, well-balanced frequency response, and clear distinct bass.

The tweeter, which operates inside a tractrix horn, is a compression driver provided with mylar membrane with the diameter of 1.75 inch, and the neodymium magnetic system. The tweeter has been selected based upon many hours of testing using various constructions and membranes with different hardness levels and different characteristics.

The entire design was confined inside an elegant, timeless design enclosure which can serve as a nice decoration for both classical and modern interiors.

It is possible for us to make horns in customer-selected colors.

Power: 15/150 W
Impedance: 10 ohm
Frequency: 35-20 kHz
Efficiency: 92 dB/1W/1m
Weight: 43 kg